Akumu Ink: The Fox and the Bait Tee

Akumu Ink: The Fox and The Bait Tee

The next in my Akumu Ink outfit series is The Fox and The Bait– one of my favorites. The shirt is still available for purchase, and if you click on the link above not only will you see additional photos of the shirts, but also be able to read about the story behind The Fox and The Bait.


Chunky Mustard Sweater

Women’s Long Sleeve Knit Button Cardigan (One Size (UK 8-16 US 4-12), Mustard)

Have you ever gone shopping only to stumble across an article of clothing so ugly you can’t help but love it, and you keep thinking about all of the not-so-ugly items in your closet it’d go so perfectly with despite the fact that it is actually hurting your eyes a little to look at? That was me with my condiment-colored sweater. Okay, so the eye pain might have been a slight exaggeration, but ugly was not: it is boxy and oversized, chunky, and the color of mustard aged beyond its best by date– even the description is ugly (chunky mustard…bleh). But despite all of that, it has somehow managed to become a staple part of my work and casual wardrobe.

Its weight, cable knit texture, and odd color add interest to my typically black/gray shirt and leggings for work. Because it’s slightly oversized, I am able to (and often do) comfortably layer other long sleeve shirts beneath it when the weather is cold, and what you’d think would be an overpowering color actually makes other colors I wear pop too (such as my hair or the fox in this outfit). And if chunky mustard isn’t your thing, there are just shy of 20 colors for you to choose from instead!


Black Paneled Leggings

I’ve had these black faux leather paneled Express leggings for quite awhile, and of all of the leggings I’ve ever owned, they’re by far my favorite. They’re actually opaque, even after many washes, and they fit my short frame well.

This particular pair is long since available, however, I did link another pair of  (mesh) paneled Express leggings that I would love to add to my wardrobe.


Slouched Thigh High Socks

Velice Womens Winter Knit Over the Knee Socks Leg Warmer Thigh High Cotton Boot Socks 2 Pairs (Black)

I love wearing thigh high socks with shorts and skirts in the summer because they’re fun and I always seem to be chilly, but I realized that I don’t have to put them away for colder weather days that warrant skinny jeans or leggings because they look pretty great scrunched down to peek above my mid-calf boots. It adds some nice texture to transition from smooth leggings to pebbled faux leather, and I’ve been digging the look of cognac leather against charcoal-colored fabric a lot this year.


Black Knit Beanie

NYfashion101 Exclusive Two Way Cuff & Slouch Warm Knit Ribbed Beanie, Black

Admittedly, the hat I am wearing for this outfit is not my favorite ‘slouchy’ beanie. It fits my head poorly, but I don’t hold that against it because I don’t think I’ve ever owned one that’s actually fit my head properly. They are either so loose they won’t stay on, so oddly shaped that I look like I might be hiding an elongated skull, or so snug it points at the top like the one I’m wearing in this look. But alas, I keep hunting for the goldilocks of slouchy beanies. I’ve linked the one I’ll try out next above.


Fringe Bag

DEL MANO Fringe Cross Body Bag, Tan, One Size

When I initially purchased this crossbody bag, I didn’t think I’d be using it much– I really only bought it to use at a comic con while cosplaying a Dothraki Daenerys Targaryen, but that day came and went and yet it hasn’t remained unused long enough to collect dust.

It’s currently still available on Amazon (linked above) for anyone interested in snagging one of their own.


Cognac Motorcycle Boots

West Blvd Womens CAIRO COMBAT Boots Lace Up Military Army Motorcycle Biker Flat Mid Calf Shoes, Tan Pu, US 8

Motorcycle boots are another staple in my wardrobe, especially in autumn. I used to stick with black boots in this style, but a friend gave me this particular pair and I’ve been wearing them a lot since, finding them to be a nice way to refresh some of the ‘same old’ outfits I find myself repeating often. The pair I’ve linked aren’t exactly the same as the ones I’m wearing in the photo, but they are the ones I’ve chosen as a potential replacement when I inevitably wear my current pair out.


Orange Velvet Choker

Caydo 12 Pack Ribbon Velvet Choker Necklace Set for Women and Girls

My signature accessory: the velvet choker. I’m not sure I’ll ever get sick of wearing these things, especially with my growing collection to choose from. This orange choker is another from the Caydo velvet choker pack I purchased in the beginning of the year and I would highly recommend; all of them have held up perfectly with repeated wears and a couple even survived accidental machine washes in hot water without any evidence of damage. Miracles do happen. 😉



Photo by Lis Sto Photography

Hair Color by Stacey Dudgeon


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