Akumu Ink: Locked Away Tee

Photo by Lis Sto Photography

For my first set of looks to launch the revamping of my blog, I decided to showcase a series of tees I purchased this past fall from Akumu Ink Clothing. I first stumbled across the brand on Instagram, and not too long after I saw my buddy Xhaiden (@chivalryisexistent) sporting a shirt of his with a cutesy, creepy design that I had to have. It took me about 10 minutes to add 18 items to my cart, but I forced myself to regain a little self-control and made some VERY difficult decisions. Because they were having a Black Friday sale and I needed some new tees, I ended up getting 7 shirts for next to nothing– though my heart is still broken because I WANT THEM ALLLLL! 😛

Akumu Ink: Locked Away Tee

The first of the shirts I am featuring on my blog is titled Locked Away. It is the only one from the set I did that is no longer available for purchase. The colors consist of white, tan, and red on a black shirt; I’ve been finding that I really like wearing tan, black, and heather gray together, and Locked Away was the perfect shirt to use for such a look.

Khaki shorts

I’ve had this particular pair of shorts in my closet for several years now. Because I don’t wear them often, they’ve held up well over time and are long since available for purchase. Since this specific pair is no longer available, I linked a pair of Volcom shorts that are and would make a great substitute for anyone who doesn’t have a pair already hiding in the back of their closet.

Fleece/Faux Leather Contrast Jacket

My gray/black fleece/faux leather contrast jacket has been one of the most versatile jackets I’ve ever owned. It’s perfect for spring-fall weather, works with a wide variety of looks, and washes so easily. I bought my jacket a couple years ago at Rue21, but this option on Amazon would work just as well and is just as affordable.

Faux Leather Backpack

I bought this faux leather backpack about a year ago to use at comic con with my Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplay, but have since ended up using it for much more than that. It’s not only worked well as a bag to “match” many of the cosplays I take to cons, but has also proven to go well with most of my closet. Because I haven’t had this bag for long, it is actually still available for purchase on Amazon. Click on the link above to take a closer peek on their site.

Black Keds

These shoes are another item that have gotten their money’s worth for me. I purchased my most recent pair about two years ago and am happy to say that they still look and feel like new despite wearing them at least 2x weekly during the warmer months. On that note, I’m thinking I’ll probably be snagging another pair in white sooner than later.

Aviator Glasses

If you don’t already own a pair of aviators or three, I’m surprised. With their popularity in the past several years, it seems almost everyone has a go-to pair, but if not, it’s a great time to find the right pair for you. Because they’ve been so popular, they are easy to find and are more options available than ever at various price ranges. The pair I’m wearing for this look came from Target, but if online shopping is your cup of tea, I’ve linked another great pair I have my eyes on above.

Velvet Choker Necklace

Last, but not least…the tan velvet choker. If you know me, you know I love my choker necklaces, and you may also know that I believe velvet choker necklaces to be superior to all others. I may be partial because I spent a solid few years of the 90’s wearing a black velvet choker (best birthday present EVER–thanks, mom) so they bring back warm, fuzzy (dare I say…velvety? ;P ) feelings of nostalgia, but I also think they just look better and work with a wider range of styles. They work for girly, punk, and retro looks. They work with collared shirts and low-cut tops. They look great layered with other necklaces, and they look awesome on their own too. What I’m really trying to say here is not to buy any velvet choker necklaces…just leave them all for me. 😛


Hair color by Stacey Dudgeon at Tangles Hair Studio

Phototography by Lisa McMahon at Lis Sto Photography


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